Interested in a personal commission?

Have some questions regarding the process?
Do I have the FAQ for you!

How much do you charge for commissions?

Base prices are subject to change according to the complexity, difficulty, and size of each individual piece. I will provide you an estimate upon your inquiry.


What do I need to provide for my commission?

A description of what you want me to draw and some reference images! Whether it’s your DnD character, your OC,
fan art, or you, let me know! You can be more thorough in your request or have a general idea to work from. If you
have a general idea of what you want, we can work together from there to refine what the commission will entail. 


How many reference photos do you need? Is there such a thing as too many references?

You don’t have to send too many reference photos, but it helps to know the face/full figure details if I’m drawing a
person, item, or place. For a commission of a person, 2-5 photos of your face, full-body, and maybe an outfit you’d
like is fine. No more than 15-20 photos max are really needed for a thoroughly detailed character. You can also include
a thumbnail sketch of a pose/background you’d like.


But I can’t draw, is it okay to provide a stick figure idea of the pose?

Of course! If you already have a specific idea for a pose/background and have a little thumbnail sketch of what you’d
like, please feel free to send it to me. It doesn’t matter how simple the sketch is; you have this idea in your head of how
it should look and I’d like to replicate that as best as possible.


How should I list my commission description? 

A good example of what to state is: I would like my brother and I illustrated as orc bards in a wild field. He would have
big tusks and the left side of his hair is shaved. I would have a very messy braided bun and bigger tusks than him. We
have on tattered pirate outfits (photos attached). He likes blue and purple, and all my stuff should be red and brown. Oh, could you have me bashing in a skeleton with my lute also? I drew stick figures of the cool pose I want us to be in on a sticky note! I attached a photo of that and photos of my brother and me.


You could go a little more detailed than this if you’d like, but this is just a starting point.


I only have a general idea of what I want to be drawn, is that ok?

Of course! If you know, for example, you want to be drawn in 50’s attire, we can start there! We’ll discuss poses/outfits/etc.

and I’d research 1950’s attire to see what would fit your style best. Then I would rough sketch two to three poses. You would narrow it all down to one pose, attire, etc. and upon approval, we’d move onto the rough draft.


Is there anything you don’t draw?

I will not create anything containing offensive material. I am willing to create almost anything except for the following: sexist/racist/transphobic/homophobic images, incest, pedophilia, and other illegal activities.


Do you create NSFW commissions?

I do! I do have some NSFW subject matters I won’t create, please submit an inquiry for further detail. 

What’s the size of work you make?

It varies each time, but I try to stick to common printing sizes for most of my work. I encourage you to specify the size of the commissioned image if you have one in mind. Delivery of the files is always 300-350 dpi, high-resolution jpg and tif.


What payment methods do you accept?

I accept PayPal and Venmo in US Dollars. Both can be found via longoriaartwork|@| 


When do I send payment?

A 50% deposit must be placed before the start of the commission, no exceptions. After you’ve approved the final drawing, I send you an invoice via email. The second 50% payment must be sent within five days of the invoice send date. After receiving payment, I deliver the digital prints.  


I didn’t send you the second half of my payment and it's past due, but I want my commission still?

I will not send completed work until the remaining payment has been sent. I do not owe you this commission if you do not provide the full payment. If you still want the commission and it is 30 days past due from the invoice, there will be a 15% late fee based upon the total of the commission to receive it. Upon receiving the full payment and 15% late fee, I will send you the digital files of the commission.  


Do you accept returns?

No. If an invoice was sent and paid for, you have made final approvals on everything and agreed to not only the 50%
down payment but the full payment and files. If you must cancel the commission any time before the invoice, I will not return the 50% down payment made, as that covers the work I have done thus far to complete your commission and it
will be considered as the kill cost. 


Do you print my work for me, or do I go to a print shop on my own?

I typically send digital prints upon delivery. I can print the work for you, but I do charge for the printing and shipping costs. You can use a print shop to print yourself a personal non-commercial copy of the commission to keep if you’d like. 


When will my commission be complete?

Time varies on the commission. Typical commissions average 2-4 weeks, but if the commission is more detailed/in a more realistic style, it may take longer. I do give you an estimate as to when I’ll be done and I try to update you regularly. 


Can I tip you/donate to you?

Of course! You can tip me by adding more to the second half of the payment, or via my Ko-Fi at


What are the rights to the art?

Commissioned images are copyrighted and solely owned by me. You may not redistribute, reproduce, resell or profit
from the artwork without my expressed permission or commercial license. You may resize or crop the commissioned artwork to create icons, or wallpapers to be used in nonprofit and non-commercial digital format. You may print yourself
a physical copy of the artwork for personal use only (nonprofit and non-commercial print format). 

What if I want to use it for commercial purposes?

If the commissioned image will be used for commercial purposes, you must notify me prior to starting the commission. If interested in using my work for commercial purposes (for profit including advertising, promotion, publications, t-shirts, etc.), please specify within your inquiry and we can discuss terms further. If you wish to license my artwork, please contact me via email. A new version of the terms above will apply to licensed works and be decided on a case-by-case basis.

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